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Frequently Asked Questions

Question : How do I buy loops from bitbeats.net?

Answer : Bitbeats.net payment system is powered by Moneybutton. If you don't have a Moneybutton account, buying loops from Bitbeats.net will be inaccessible to you. Please head over to Moneybutton and sign up for a moneybutton wallet, fund your wallet with some bitcoin and then you will be able to purchase loops and audio from Bitbeats.net.

Question : I uploaded my track but it hasn't displayed on the mainsite yet, what's up?

Answer : Bitbeats.net is not fully automated yet, and requires a little intervention here and there. While Bitbeats.net is accesible to the public, it is currently still in beta and there are a few bugs and automations to work out, please allow up to 24 hours for your audio to show up on the listings.

Question : I have a great video that I want to upload, do you allow media like videos on your site?

Answer : First off, thats great to hear about your video! Unfortunately; however, Bitbeats.net does not deal with video or text documents and there are no plans in our future to allow such contents. Bitbeats.net is strictly audio only.

Question : Is my audio stored on the blockchain?

Answer : Currently, Bitbeats.net stores all audio and records the old school way; on a hard drive. Future site upgrades will allow producers to post to the blockchain (BSV). The Bitcoin SV blockchain will store your audio and metadata immutably for ever. Bitbeats.net is working steady behind the scenes to bring this feature to our users.

Question : Why don't I just use soundcloud?

Answer : Soundcloud is a great option for uploading audio too and hosts a lot of features not yet on Bitbeats.net Bitbeats.net plans to push everything to the chain as future updates roll out; making your audio and data immutable, meaning that you will never loose your audio due to a companies negligence, or database hacks. If you do a google search on soundcloud hacks, you will see a trend of articles. Some big name producers have had their accounts hacked, also soundcloud has banned and lost users over the years, bitcoin will change all of this. With bitcoin and an immutable world hard drive, producers and customers will not have to worry about their audio or accounts being hacked and loosing everything that they have worked on. Bitbeats.net is joining the push to store all data on chain, and take the power away from corperations that leave us vulnerable. Bitbeats.net believes that the metanet will usher in the new age of computing and database processing, and that makes us very very happy and inspired to keep on building.

Question : Can I upload any audio I like?

Answer : Bitbeats.net accepts podcasts, samples, loops even full audio tracks and dj sets. The only stipulation is that you own the digital media rights to your audio, i.e. DO NOT upload copyright material. Bitbeats.net will not be held responsible for unlawful uploads, and will deny access to material deemed copyright infringement. Currently, you might be able to sneak an upload into database that is copyright, have it denied access to and not have anything to worry about. That will change as Bitbeats.net updates roll out. The bitcoin blockchain is an immutable evidence trail, it is silly to try and commit crime on a public immutable digital ledger. You may think you will get away with it, but as time goes on, more forensic tools will become available to trace transactions back to their roots, and you will be prosecuted for unlawful acts. An easy solution; DO NOT UPLOAD COPYRIGHT MATERIAL.

Question : Is BSV bitcoin?

Answer : Yes, bitcoin is BSV and BSV is bitcoin. BSV = Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. BSV is the only chain that scales enough for a project like Bitbeats.net to build on. Bit = bits of data; coin = currency.